Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mt. Maculot - Grotto Traverse

Mt. Maculot
Cuenca Batangas
Exit Grotto trail

Group picture at the Jump off

It's been a while since I decided to stop my adventure for awhile for personal reason, but I just can't stop the love for this, so here we go.

Group picture along the way

This was an amazing hike so far! tiring yet fulfilling as always with different excitement. This is my second time in Mt. MACULOT, The first time (click here) I was here, I was with Jona and we were just two with no Tour guide, and now we were 14 with quite expensive Guide because it's required.(CLapclap)

You're gonna pass this. mehehe

with Maitho and the local (for the 2nd time I have seen her)

I tried to remember our time of travel, and this the only I can share. (I am not really good at it talaga) Again I was carried away by the moments.

We left at Buendia Bus terminal bound to Lemery Batangas at 8:25 am
Arrival in Cuenca 10:35 am
We took our heavy meal
at 11:30 we start the trekking.
I guess we reached the campsite at 1:10
that's all

Since most of my companion or friends are first timer, or I would say they are not used to it, I am sure they had fun though they got tired, I knew it, because they would decide not to continue if they are not enjoying (hahaha)

Monick, JP, Freddie and Me

Thanks God, I haven't heard any annoying complain from them.  We'll except the "haaah nakakapagod!, ayoko na!, matagal pa ba? ' sana nasa bahay ako at ngpapahinga" something like that,  that I'll understand.

We are coming rockies

What more that made me happy? They all tried to get on top of the Rockies and I am just so proud that they made it with their best.  You guys are awesome.

Group picture sa Rockies

Fall in line hikers hahah they are not done yet with the pictorial.
Yes, we need to wait and waste a our little time, we can't just over take or drive them away.
Photo credit to Robert (You know who you are)

with our guide (Photo credit to Monick)
I admit, at first I was complaining with the required Guide and their fee's P400 for max of 5person destination is campsite and Rockies viceversa, going to the summit will P50 and another P50 when you do the traverse, Overnight is double.  But I did notice how deserving they are to get paid with such amount, so not bad at all.

Two of us decided not to go to the summit (due to dysmenorrhea) and do the traverse as originally planned and instructed by our guide, because according to them it will be more easy.  Knowing that all agreed with the plan then we did the traverse, except the two.

I did not regret it.

The wonderful guide, I think this dog is living at the summit, he just so scary when he was staring us when we were arriving at the summit, but I was wrong he went to us to be our guide. aahhhhh

Group picture at the summit with the fellow hikers

This was not a joke! it was hard :( the grotto trail would be fine if we were not yet tired. This could be more easy if we did overnight and a rest before descending.

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